Garage Door Maintenance

When last time you check your door? Let us help you keep your door working correctly!

Your garage door is probably one of the most used entrances to your home. There are a lot of mechanical parts that require regular maintenance to keep them functioning smoothly. Tune-ups, rebalances and yearly check ups can help extend the life of your garage door system. If you are noticing vibrations, noises or irregular movement in the tracks of your garage door, it might be time to call a professional.

Springs, cables, openers and other mechanical parts only last so long. Torsion springs life is 10,000+ cycles. The life span of an opener depends upon the manufacturer and door type. A height of a door can also vary life expectancy of parts. The cables and drums used for raising the door can fail over time. Winter weather can be a significant factor too. Water can damage many components of your door as well as freezing temperatures. Having regular check-ups of moving parts is crucial for a long-lasting garage door.

garage door maintenance

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